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PocJox® is loaded with benefits including fitted sweat-resistant pockets that are uniquely designed to secure and protect your mobile phone, credit card & key while you workout. PocJox® firmly hold items against your leg during your workout so you can workout ‘hands-free’ with full mobility. Benefits also include high performance, moisture-wicking compression fabric that helps to improve your performance

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The PocJox® Active Compression range has been specially constructed from a quality, breathable Italian compression fabric which allows stretch and features an excellent shape recovery power that ensures both outstanding performance and extreme comfort. All seams are flat lock finished providing strength, durability and comfortable wear. We’ve also added triple needle hem topstitching allowing extra stretch and durability to handle the most challenging of physical activities.

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PocJox® is an Active Compression Italian fabric specially chosen for the PocJox® launch collection. The fabric is breathable and high stretch, featuring an excellent shape recovery power that ensures both outstanding performance and extreme comfort, thanks to a soft and smooth hand feel. The unique design of the fabric allows for complete freedom of movement.

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Why Compression?


Compression garments have been proven to enhance performance before, during and after activity through improved circulation, reducing muscle containment, lactate removal, and positively influencing psychological factors. Studies show that compression garments may provide both a performance enhancement and an injury reduction role during exercises provoking high blood lactate concentrations or explosive-based movements.

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